Meet Her Fur Babies


Vita Now…

This is Vita, my little rescue girl who almost didn’t make it.  At 4 months old, she was dumped outside by a heartless soul … sick and hungry.  She was 2 lbs of skin and bones and I didnt think she would survive. She got the care she needed and thrived.  She didn’t deserve this and no dog ever does.  But it happens far too often.

Vita Before….


Cheeze is my crazy bull in a china shop! He was my first rescue. He was being kept in an abandoned house and was extremely emaciated when I stepped in. He is around 8 now and is eager to please no matter what! Vita just adores him and they spend countless hours playing outside in the yard! He is also my daughters best bud!


Bella was my second pup! She was a junkyard dog when i got her as just a small pup at 6 months old. All her siblings were already sold and gone and I was blessed to save her. She is the sweetest baby! She loves to snuggle under blankets and nap all day. Bella is trained very well and always follows her mommas directions. She comes when called especially at dinner time!! She is just my little snuggle butt! We just adore her!


From scared of everything from the abuse he lived with, to living and loving every singe day!!  Kingston has learned to love and trust again!! Never having to worry about being abused again.  My little man has come so far! Him and Vita are best buds he blossomed when he met her!



Norman is my 13-14 year old senior Chihuahua!  He was dumped outside in Ohio. He has come so far! Despite having half a jaw and only ONE tooth left, he has a spunk for life and truly seems to know how lucky he is to have a warm bed in our home! He is a total mommas boy and shows it if you get to close to momma when she’s holding him! lol

Stephanie always loved the seniors but his adoption through Sophia’s Grace Foundation made her love them even more!


Izabells, (Bella), came to me in the fall of 2019. She was born with no front legs but that doesn’t stop her from just being a dog! Her momma had past away and her amazing granddaughter was looking for a special home for her. She is gaining more strength every day and now even has a wheelchair that was generously donated by Joey’s Paw! They are expensive and we were blessed to be one of the people the helped get wheels for! Every day she is learning to trust and even is starting to tolerate big old Cheeze! She is just an inspiration! She is helping me teach others about caring for dogs and handicap dogs!

My pups are my world but I decided a long time ago to give back. So many pups out there need saved from either being dumped outside, or dumped at a shelter.  They do not deserve that so I became a foster dog mom a long time ago.  This is my way of giving back and helping other pups get the forever homes they need.  It changed me in a good way.  You learn how to be selfless and open your home to a dog in need. These little “Underdogs” change your world!  

Of course, fostering pups and giving your time and heart and then handing them over to a new family is tough, but knowing they are safe and loved is totally worth it. They deserve to have a life full of happiness. If people don’t step up and foster then often the dogs are euthanized or stuck in shelters scared and not understanding what is going on. 

Underdog Creations” began by wanting to give my foster dogs a special collar and it just snowballed! Every underdog deserves to look handsome and be loved!

Rescue is our Favorite Breed!!

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